Genius Report Explorer Report Explorer with more than 45 reports handpicked by our AWS experts after rigorous brainstorming of the best possible cost saving avenues for AWS cloud.

Access incredibly

Exclusively Personalized Reports Fully customized reports for any data points as per your convenience and need with custom filters, matrix, and data dimensions.

Real-Time Analysis of data points

Well-structured Tag Mapping Tag Mapping — Seamlessly map your AWS tags with custom tags in Bitcanopy to get smart reports based on custom tags.

Audits and reports closely align

Wait, there’s more to it…

Wait, there’s more to it1

Report Scheduling

Conveniently schedule reports and
get monthly/weekly report
delivery emails.

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Export Report

Export report data for further
analysis and data mining.

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Enriched Data Visibility

Great fine-grained view of your complete resources in spectacular forms.