Pre-schedule AWS Resources Pre-schedule the runtime of your AWS instances with a simple drag interface to save time and development resources. Efficiently manage your multiple AWS accounts by pre-scheduling the instance on/off time.

Pre-schedule the runtime

Insightful Dashboard A real-time, single-view dashboard to show all your instances across multiple AWS accounts and availability zones. Easy-to-use and interactive dashboard to pre-schedule your AWS instances as smoothly as playing a video game.

A real-time single-view dashboard

Because you get only 24 hours in a day Explore these amazing benefits of smart scheduling for your instances.

Explore these amazing benefits1

Save up to 70% on instances development
through the need-based scheduling.

Explore these amazing benefits2

Smart Scheduling
Improve infrastructure security with the Smart Scheduling of instances and make them inaccessible during non-working hours.

Explore these amazing benefits3

Automate tasks that devour DevOps

Explore these amazing benefit4

Diminish Carbon Footprint
Reduce your carbon footprint while using
resources smartly and wisely.