Robust RI Planner Introducing the world’s most comprehensive and user-friendly Reserved Instance planner for maximum cost savings.

Introducing the world’s

Intuitive UI View all existing RI and expiring instances with an unconventional UI that is invented from the ground up to give all instances view on one screen.

View all existing RI and expiring

Smart insights drive incredible results Intelligent recommendations to purchase Reserved Instances and reduce dependency
on On-demand Instances with the simulation of new costs and savings!

Intelligent recommendations

Take your business to the next level… One small step by you, a giant leap for your organization. Bit Planner is a smart solution to an
effective, strong, and optimal hull of your organization.

One small step1

Enhanced Productivity

Experience exceptional productivity
with built-in planning intelligence.

One small step2

Intellectual Resource Planning

Plan your resources to get maximum
cost savings.

One small step3

Notification Alerts

Notifications from our AWS certified
developers for your account.